Episode 10 – Gratitude, a.k.a. Eggnog is our Favorite

Happy Thanksgiving Week! How do you express gratitude? How do you receive thanks from others? Join us as we discuss the ways the different personality types give and receive compliments.

Jenn’s Drinks & Winks


Caramel Eggnog Lattes – Eggnog is good in any form, eggnog lattes are better, and caramel eggnog lattes from Dutch Bros are the best.


Instant Pot – One pot that wears many hats: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker. It also lays golden eggs and produces the elixir of life. Get one today and solve all of life’s problems…or at least many of your cooking conundrums.

Elisa’s Drinks & Winks


Spiked Eggnog – Remember up there where we said eggnog is good in any form, especially lattes? We would now like to clarify that it’s even BETTER with a different kind of warmth added. Get your day started with an eggnog latte, but finish it off with a spiked eggnog. Our recommendation is to go for brandy, not rum. Rum adds to the sweetness, and eggnog is plenty sweet already. Brandy cuts the sweetness and makes for a simple and satisfying holiday nightcap.


Crystalyn Kae Handbags – Wow, doesn’t that model have beautiful forearms? Okay, okay, that’s me. Those are my forearms. But what’s really stealing the show in this image is that adorable houndstooth mini crossbody bag. I had the immense pleasure of joining my friend on a trip to NYC recently when she went to photograph bags for Crystalyn’s online catalog, and I even got to be in some of the images. I own several Crystalyn Kae bags and and can attest to the quality and beauty of their craftsmanship. Check out the website today and get something ordered for Christmas gifts!

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