Episode 27 – ISTJ’s, a.k.a. What’s Your Number?

Here’s episode 27! On this episode we welcome Becki and Kristie and talk about life as an ISTJ (or whether or not Kristie even is one), and we start to dive into the topic of the Enneagram.

Becki reommended The Greatest Showman movie and soundtrack as well as her favorite drink, the Moscow Mule.

Kristie let us in on the wonderful secret of the TKB Deli and Bakery, off the I-10 in Indio, which will make your trips between Phoenix and Los Angeles much less dreary. Also, for further study on the Enneagram, she recommended the book The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile.

Elisa wants you to buy glasses through Zenni Optical (especially if you’re a mom or anyone who’s short on time or cash). She  thinks you should check out Superstition Meadery if you’re in AZ.

Jenn loves Plum Paper Planners for all your customizable planner needs. Also, as a general connoisseur of cider, she would particularly like to recommend ACE Pear Cider.




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