Episode 13 – INFJ’s, a.k.a. Introverted Intuitives are Onions

Our beloved friend Erin joins us to talk about the joys and complexities of being an INFJ.

Also in this episode…

  • WE ASK YOU: Do you click on Facebook ads?
  • A review of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  • A discussion of housekeeping attitudes
  • A look at an INFJ’s quirky sense of humor



Erin’s Winks & Drinks

ice cube facial

Ice Cube Facial – HOW. FUNNY. Is this picture?! Such intensity. Such beauty. Such love for her handful of fake ice cubes. Do a Google image search for “Ice Cube Facial” and you’ll find a whole series of these. But follow the link to this entertaining (and also informative) post about ice cube facials and you’ll for sure want in.

water glass

Water – That’s right, water on your face and water in your body. Erin is one smokin’ hot mama, so I’d take this advice if I were you.

Jenn’s Winks & Drinks


Victoria – More British royalty-inspired TV drama! With Clara Oswold – ahem, Jenna Coleman – as Victoria!

rasp marg

Raspberry Margarita – Follow this recipe for some refreshingly tangy sipping enjoyment.

Elisa’s Wink


Frankenstein Listen to the episode to hear Elisa’s review of the book! (begins around minute 5)


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  1. Jena Shea

    February 3rd, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    Loved listening to you all. I was busy doing my housecleaning but it made it feel lie I was in the midst of chatting with friends! Lovely ladies with positive, uplifting thoughts. And being that Jennifer is my little cousin and former flower girl, I tend to think she is the most articulate and engaging of all on your show! No bias intended! Side note, though Arrested Development could be inappropriate at times it has the most clever and quirky laugh out loud moments. I’ll be listening.

  2. Jenn Whitlatch

    February 13th, 2017 at 12:10 am

    Jena! So sweet of you to listen in and offer your thoughts!! Arrested Development is definitely a guilty pleasure!

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