Episode 29 – End of Season, a.k.a. Empathizing with Emojis

Episode 29! Have you been dying to know what emojis we love to use??! Well, today’s your lucky day, because we totally discuss that on this episode. And if you hate emojis, maybe you can hop on the “Explainicon” bandwagon with our producer Erin (who is smiling happily simply at the thought of this). Then we talk about taking the MBTI test when we were younger (and Jenn contradicts herself yet again {insert crying/laughing emoji here}). THEN we give a review for an R-rated movie, so send the kiddos away. Happy listening, friends, and have a great summer!

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Hi, I'm Elisa. I am a wife and mother and former foster mama and writer and sometime-speaker and friend and daughter and small business co-owner and lover of stories and baker of cookies.

I’m Jenn. I’m married to an awesome guy, and we have four really cute kids. I’ve been called an anglophile. I love books, movies, the piano, and popcorn. And wine. And coffee.


Our intrepid producer Erin, who keeps us organized, inspired, and smiling. She also takes our pictures. We'd basically be lost without her.

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