Episode 5 – J and P, a.k.a. Toddlers are Creepy

This week we talk about the letters J and P in our Myers Briggs type and how they affect the way we order our lives. We also go a little deeper into how they affect our cognitive functions, so prepare to be smarter after listening to this episode! But we also keep it real by talking about lizards and feeling creeped out by our toddlers, so…a little something for everyone. 🙂

Elisa’s Drink:


Trader Joe’s 2014 Grower’s Reserve Zinfandel This 5 buck chuck is some of the best red wine I’ve had in awhile. Get yourself to Trader Joe’s and get some while you can. (No link because you can’t buy it online. Go find it!)

Elisa’s Wink:


Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew – This drink is tasty, but the reason it’s my wink this week is because it’s also FAST. If Starbucks happens to be bustling when you go in, order cold brew instead of an espresso drink. If you order an espresso drink they have to take the time to properly pull the espresso for it, but they’ve got cold brew on tap, ready to go. It always comes out fast, even on their busy days. A word to the wise: If you don’t like your coffee drinks too sweet, ask for only one pump of the vanilla sweet cream. The full dose is way too much for me. (No link on this one either, ’cause…everyone knows where their Starbucks is.)

Jenn’s Drink:


Frozen Booze – Easy and delicious enough to surprise you, your freezer should probably have some of these nestled in it. (No link again. Sorry. Nothing much to link to. Go out and get some!)

Jenn’s Wink:


More Cold Brew! – Homemade cold brew is easier than you might think and even tastier than what you can get when you buy it at a coffee shop. Listen to the podcast to hear Jenn describe how easy it is, or read instructions from good ol’ Martha Stewart here. (Hooray! A link!)

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