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A podcast about life, literature, and lots of other stuff, hosted by an Introverted Sensor (Si) and an Extraverted Intuitive (Ne). Follow along to hear the podcast and see our recommendations!

Welcome to SiNes of Life

Welcome to episode 26! On this episode we talk about which personalities pair most closely together, and we also discuss humor and why we laugh. Also, some podcasts keep background music going the whole time, but here at SiNes of Life, we prefer the adorable sounds of a SoL newborn. (#sorrynotsorry for the cooing in the background.)

Please don’t waste time on terrible comedians. Instead, watch Jim Gaffigan, Nate Bargatze, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Ryan Hamilton, Sebastian Maniscalco, imomsohard, and Michael McIntyre.

Also, please don’t waste time on this terrible book.

Elisa wants you to read these Two Monks posts in hopes that you’ll laugh until you cry like she did.

Jenn was converted to a love of pumpkin-y things by this pumpkin cider and she hopes you will be too.

(All links available at!)

Welcome to episode 25! Rashida is BACK, Jenn and Elisa have only one query this time (do you open mail right away or let it pile up?), and we have a fascinating conversation with our INTJ friend Rachelle!

We want you to read this article about how IJ’s sometimes act more like Perceivers and IP’s sometimes act more like Judgers. (It’s the article we mentioned when answering this week’s query!)

Rachelle loves the app Trello. According to the website: “Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.”

Elisa wants you to avoid the Maple Pecan Latte from Starbucks. It tastes like liquid taffy. Blech. And she wants you to listen to Arcade Fire’s new song Signs of Life.

Jenn loves the concept of looping — for homeschooling, for housework, for hobbies, for life. Check it out.

Links available at

Welcome to episode 24! Our producer is mysteriously missing and we’re going off the rails over here. We’ve got not one but TWO queries this week (whoa), and we waste time complaining about Halloween decorations before getting to our topic at hand, which is “Books and Why We Read Them.” Also, we apologize for the fuzziness coming from Elisa’s microphone. And for the football game that starts playing in the background around 4:30. Technology, people. It’s the real reason we like books.

Welcome to episode 23, where we introduce a new member of our team and chat with special guest Cassie Jones. Cassie is a photographer and an ENFJ, and you simply must go follow her on Instagram and get lost in her photos that are deep and dark and moody and exquisitely pretty!

We’re finally back from a very full summer!! Jenn moved, had a baby, and had a terrifying encounter between her three-year old son and a scorpion, and it seems that’s only the beginning of all her summer tales, while Elisa, by comparison, was simply footloose and fancy free. 🙂 You can catch up with us as we catch up with each other. Welcome to Season 2!

Please join us as we welcome our guest Christian! He is an ISFP, which we discuss for a bit before talking about the real subject of this episode: board games. There’s a little something for everyone in this episode!

It’s our 20th episode!!!! Join us as we discuss 20 ways your behavior may contradict your personality type.

Our guest this week is Danielle, representing the INFP’s out there!

Listen in as we welcome not one but TWO guests! Elisa’s sister Emily and Jenn’s mom Jamae are both INTP’s, a personality type that we find particularly fascinating, and they’re both here to tell us all about it.

“Why is he/she so emotional? Why is he/she so mean??” Thinking and Feeling (that third letter of our Myers Briggs personality type) play a HUGE role in how we interact with each other, AND they play a huge role in the frustration we often experience in communication. In this episode we try to unpack those ideas a little more, in hopes that it will help everyone understand each other a little better!

Hi, I'm Elisa. I am a wife and mother and former foster mama and writer and sometime-speaker and friend and daughter and small business co-owner and lover of stories and baker of cookies.

I’m Jenn. I’m married to an awesome guy, and we have four really cute kids. I’ve been called an anglophile. I love books, movies, the piano, and popcorn. And wine. And coffee.


Our intrepid producer Erin, who keeps us organized, inspired, and smiling. She also takes our pictures. We'd basically be lost without her.

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