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A podcast about life, literature, and lots of other stuff, hosted by an Introverted Sensor (Si) and an Extraverted Intuitive (Ne). Follow along to hear the podcast and see our recommendations!

Welcome to SiNes of Life

It’s our 20th episode!!!! Join us as we discuss 20 ways your behavior may contradict your personality type.

Our guest this week is Danielle, representing the INFP’s out there!

Listen in as we welcome not one but TWO guests! Elisa’s sister Emily and Jenn’s mom Jamae are both INTP’s, a personality type that we find particularly fascinating, and they’re both here to tell us all about it.

“Why is he/she so emotional? Why is he/she so mean??” Thinking and Feeling (that third letter of our Myers Briggs personality type) play a HUGE role in how we interact with each other, AND they play a huge role in the frustration we often experience in communication. In this episode we try to unpack those ideas a little more, in hopes that it will help everyone understand each other a little better!

This week we finally address the topic you’ve all been waiting for — our feelings about La La Land.

Our awesome friend, Jihae, joins us to discuss what it’s like being an ESFP, as well as her love of all things beautiful – including fashion!

This week we take a look at each of the letters in our Myers Briggs types and look at reasons why people may get the wrong type when they test.

Our beloved friend Erin joins us to talk about the joys and complexities of being an INFJ.

Also in this episode…

WE ASK YOU: Do you click on Facebook ads?
A review of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
A discussion of housekeeping attitudes
A look at an INFJ’s quirky sense of humor

Welcome to part 2 of our discussion about fiction!

In this episode we talk about why we appreciate fantasy literature for children, and why it’s okay for children’s fiction to be a little bit scary.

Hi, I'm Elisa. I am a wife and mother and former foster mama and writer and sometime-speaker and friend and daughter and small business co-owner and lover of stories and baker of cookies.

I’m Jenn. I’m married to an awesome guy, and we have four really cute kids. I’ve been called an anglophile. I love books, movies, the piano, and popcorn. And wine. And coffee.


Our intrepid producer Erin, who keeps us organized, inspired, and smiling. She also takes our pictures. We'd basically be lost without her.

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