Episode 16 – La La Land, a.k.a. Ryan Gosling Memes

This week we finally address the topic you’ve all been waiting for — our feelings about La La Land.

Also in this episode…

  • JENN ASKS YOU: Do you like chocolate wine???? Why? Which one?
  • We’re on Pinterest!!! Follow us!
  • A slew of random callers, all with oPINions

Elisa’s Winks & Drinks

LG GizmoGadget for Verizon – Limited calling and texting on a device that’s always on your kid’s wrist so it won’t get lost, PLUS a GPS tracker. At $5 a month, this is a FANTASTIC option for kids who are just old enough to need a way to get in touch with Mom or Dad when they’re babysitting etc.

Petite Petit by Michael David Winery

Jenn’s Winks & Drinks


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